Data Center

System integration, data management to storage

As a trusted data center solution provider, SD3IT designs a specific or whole technology package that addresses integration of traditional data warehousing, IOT analytic back-ends, predictive analytics, data storage and automated learning to meet the mission end goal.

Our system integrators know the business and production concerns facing our clients today from reduced costs, automation, project deadlines and a comprehensive outlook on future growth. Analysis and excellent listening skills drive a foundation to provide quality, better productivity and leverage the latest innovative technology for networking, virtualization, migration, back up and storage. Whether jumpstarting a new endeavor, migrate, scale, or optimize an in-place solution, provide process control and/or train and support your team on how to establish best practices and drive performance, our integrators over the years have developed a level of trust and performance positioning our clients for future success.

A principle feature of your data center is the storage of your most valuable commodity, Data. Data may be stored onsite, removable, or offsite demanding dependable, secure, and flexible solutions for primary and secondary storage. Storage needs to evolve simultaneously to its environment, our teams experience covers all the bases from hard disk, all flash, hybrid flash to object storage, converged to hyperconverged (HCI), followed by predictive analytics of your infrastructure. The ongoing need for space, accessibility, speed, and capacity to accommodate the vast amount of data generated daily with budget concerns requires the pre-planning our team delivers.

Our data center team of engineers and experts excel in the design of end-to-end build, launch and hardening of agile, scalable, and secure enterprise-grade data pipelines.

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